In Trend-Modern and Floral Rugs

So here is a latest blog post about modern rugs, decorating with rugs is an art and not a difficult task also. In the past time it was a difficult thing to fit an area rug in traditional style home. That time there were no many options in rugs like colors, designs and size as well. Nowadays in market you can find a huge variety of rugs in various colors, styles, even you can choose an area rug for your traditional or modern styled home easily. So here I am telling you about some tips that can help you to select a perfect rug for your home. First of all pick right rug color- You don’t need to worry about rug color too much because modern rugs you can use in any kind of decor even colors of modern rugs are very elegant. If we talk about traditional rugs so they are mostly available in beige and dark brown colors and their design can’t match to your decor easily. Whereas modern rug colors are easily adjustable with furniture’s and room colors. Design- So what are you thinking now?  Which rug design will be best traditional or modern?  A geometrical styled rug you can use in traditional room as well as in modern room. Most of the room interiors we saw are a combination of modern or traditional style. Apart from this you can go with modern floral rugs and it can be a focal point for visitors because a floral pattern attracts a lot. Rug Shape and Size After choosing rug color and design next thing is rug size, if you choose... read more

Things to Know about Hand Tufted Rugs

A tufted area rug is an area rug that is laminated together with glue. The pattern is stenciled onto a cloth canvas with a marker and the rug fiber is looped through with a tufted gun or hand tool. Latex glue is then generously applied to the back of the canvass to hold fibers in place and a secondary backing is glued on to cover it. Tufted area rugs are quick and easy to make, so they can be made into the shapes, designs and colors that are in demand by buyers. As beautiful as tufted area rugs are there can be some unwanted characteristics, such as: Fewer problems may be occur with wool tufted area rugs. The wool fibers vary in quality. To test to see if the rug will excessively shed, tug on the wool fibers. If they break off easily the rug will wear more quickly. Another way to test is to rub your hand over the rug to see how many fibers fly around. Synthetic tufted area rugs do not have this issue. To avoid this problem give the area rug a good sniff, if possible roll the rug up and smell the open ends of the roll or “grin” the rug fibers. The smell may not always be detectable while in the store because of other smells and air movement, but once home in a smaller room it can be quite apparent. Another thing to consider when buying a tufted area rug is where it will be used. In high traffic areas synthetic tufted area rugs get dirty looking quickly and the grey dinginess remains. Tufted... read more

Custom Hand tufted Carpets for Hotels, Villas and Residential Apartments

Hand tufted rugs are most demanding rugs among all rugs that available in market. Apart from home hand tufted rugs also manufactures for hotels, villas and residential apartments. For hotels and residential apartments we mostly suggest a hand tufted rug made of New Zealand wool and pile height of carpet must be minimum 10mm. Custom carpet design is depend upon the client’s requirements; we collect all information related to design, color, and size and make a swatch of carpet then send to client for approval. After approval we start production of carpet. Mostly hotel owners prefer custom rugs because they customize carpets according to each and every space of the hotels. In hotels they need large carpets which are not easily available in market. In hotels hand tufted demand is high because they can be manufactured in a short period of time whether large hand knotted rugs can take 6 to 10 months in manufacturing. We have manufactured various hand tufted carpets for hotels and villas in different size and... read more

Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted is a generalized word describing different types of rug making and not to be confused, not all hand-knotted rugs are of the same quality. Hand knotted, hand tufted or flat-weave are all hand-woven rugs, not necessarily made entirely by hand in some technique like hand tufted, but one must know the difference between them when purchasing a good quality rug. Hand knotting process which as the name implies, means the knotting process is done entirely by hand, where wool or silk is knotted one by one. It is the traditional handmade process of rug making and the most desired technique for rug weaving. Hand knotting is significantly longer process of any other hand-made rug and requires skilled artists to produce them. The more knots per square inch the better and higher quality the rug is. All of our rugs are hand-knotted using the best materials available in a high knot content, unless we specify a different technique for a particular rug, like hand tufted or flat weave, which are not the same and the process of weaving these rugs is different. The best quality rugs are hand-knotted and are generally considered works of art. We have hand-knotted, flat weave and hand tufted rugs which I love them all because of the design, color and of course... read more

An overview of Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are produced through a “drill-like” machine also known as a tufting gun. The hand-operated tool is used to essentially ‘tuft’ the yarn into a canvas to form a rug pile. To start, we begin with a canvas stretched against a metal frame. The rug design is first drawn onto the canvas which serves as a stencil for the rug-maker. The rug-maker then proceeds to use the tufting gun to punch strands of wool into the canvas. Since it is a motorized tool, the process is rather easy and quick. The rug maker has to be skilled enough to punch the strands into the areas as marked, but otherwise it is a relatively straight-forward process. Since, the yarn is punched into the canvas (and not knotted) a layer of glue is applied to the back of the canvas to hold the yarn in place. Additionally, another layer of fabric is used to cover the glue. The rug pile appears very uniform and feels even since it is essentially tufted with a machine. The other thing to consider is that the yarn is usually machine spun. This is to ensure the smooth operation of the tufting gun which will work only if the yarn is smooth and... read more