An overview of Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are produced through a “drill-like” machine also known as a tufting gun. The hand-operated tool is used to essentially ‘tuft’ the yarn into a canvas to form a rug pile. To start, we begin with a canvas stretched against a metal frame. The rug design is first drawn onto the canvas which serves as a stencil for the rug-maker. The rug-maker then proceeds to use the tufting gun to punch strands of wool into the canvas. Since it is a motorized tool, the process is rather easy and quick.

The rug maker has to be skilled enough to punch the strands into the areas as marked, but otherwise it is a relatively straight-forward process. Since, the yarn is punched into the canvas (and not knotted) a layer of glue is applied to the back of the canvas to hold the yarn in place. Additionally, another layer of fabric is used to cover the glue. The rug pile appears very uniform and feels even since it is essentially tufted with a machine. The other thing to consider is that the yarn is usually machine spun. This is to ensure the smooth operation of the tufting gun which will work only if the yarn is smooth and regular.

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