Custom Hand tufted Carpets for Hotels, Villas and Residential Apartments

Hand tufted rugs are most demanding rugs among all rugs that available in market. Apart from home hand tufted rugs also manufactures for hotels, villas and residential apartments.

For hotels and residential apartments we mostly suggest a hand tufted rug made of New Zealand wool and pile height of carpet must be minimum 10mm.

Custom carpet design is depend upon the client’s requirements; we collect all information related to design, color, and size and make a swatch of carpet then send to client for approval. After approval we start production of carpet.

Mostly hotel owners prefer custom rugs because they customize carpets according to each and every space of the hotels. In hotels they need large carpets which are not easily available in market.

In hotels hand tufted demand is high because they can be manufactured in a short period of time whether large hand knotted rugs can take 6 to 10 months in manufacturing.

We have manufactured various hand tufted carpets for hotels and villas in different size and styles.

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