Things to Know about Hand Tufted Rugs

A tufted area rug is an area rug that is laminated together with glue. The pattern is stenciled onto a cloth canvas with a marker and the rug fiber is looped through with a tufted gun or hand tool. Latex glue is then generously applied to the back of the canvass to hold fibers in place and a secondary backing is glued on to cover it.

Tufted area rugs are quick and easy to make, so they can be made into the shapes, designs and colors that are in demand by buyers. As beautiful as tufted area rugs are there can be some unwanted characteristics, such as:

Fewer problems may be occur with wool tufted area rugs. The wool fibers vary in quality. To test to see if the rug will excessively shed, tug on the wool fibers. If they break off easily the rug will wear more quickly. Another way to test is to rub your hand over the rug to see how many fibers fly around. Synthetic tufted area rugs do not have this issue.

To avoid this problem give the area rug a good sniff, if possible roll the rug up and smell the open ends of the roll or “grin” the rug fibers. The smell may not always be detectable while in the store because of other smells and air movement, but once home in a smaller room it can be quite apparent.

Another thing to consider when buying a tufted area rug is where it will be used. In high traffic areas synthetic tufted area rugs get dirty looking quickly and the grey dinginess remains. Tufted area rugs are not a good choice if you have pets. If any pet accidents happen the smell is nearly impossible to remove because it gets absorbed by the glue. Tufted area rugs are great if you are looking for a decorative rug.

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