How to order


It has never been as easy ordering a custom rug as now. With the latest technology and fast communication, it is possible to get made your custom rug in factory like the rug is being just produced in your neighbor.  You can discuss your design, color, size, shape etc. with maximum expressions.

For design, you can select any design from our library where you can view thousands of design patterns.  You can give your own design also. Or you can modify our designs. Anything you want, just explain us and our designers will make your desired design in your indicated colors and send you the image of the carpet how it will look like.  When you send the design, inform the size and shape you want.  This way you can have very good idea, how you final rug will look like.  Our designers are highly experienced in created the rug look through graphics just like the original.  If you send photo of area of your home where it will be placed, our designers will send you back your room setting photo with the carpet to give you best possible idea how the rug will look like in your space.

When we send you first photo, you can change up to 3 times the designs an colors.  And it all is at no extra cost. So when you can have a rug made to your design, color and perfect size at no extra cost, is not it a good deal.   We look forward to serve you and bring you in our happy customers list.