Once you place the order, you will receive an invoice through e mail with request to make 50 % payment of the order value.    In the e mail, you will get password of your account and link to log in.  Once you login, you can make the payment online.

You can also make the payment through bank transfer.  The bank details are in the email sent with the invoice.  When you make the payment,  please e mail us bank remittance copy.  Normally we receive the payment in 3 working days when you make the payment through bank transfer.  You will be informed as soon as the payment is credit in company’s account.

When your ordered rug is ready, you will be sent e mail with information and the photo of your ordered rug physical photo.    After receipt of photo and approval, you would send the payment either online or through bank transfer within 3 days.

Kindly note that the online payment is 100% safe and secure.  While you make the payment, you are carried to PayPal site for payment which is absolute safe and secure site for payment.